Unlocking your sales potential with a Marketing Hub

Martha Trivino
Martha Trivino@marthatrivio10
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They have really helped me not only to stay current in my marketing but also to remain ahead of the curve.
Natalia Jimenez
Natalia Jimenez@NathaJ_Crypto
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I'm grateful that Marketing Hub knows exactly what to do to keep me there. Great job, Digital Marketing!
Javier Serna
Javier Serna@JaviSerna
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Since I placed my digital marketing in Pandora X Marketing’s, I don’t stress over my marketing anymore and i can focus in my sales.

Don’t leave your financial future to chance. Join us now and start making a plan for financial success.

Getting people to your website and turning them into happy paying customers is what you’ll do best

All you need to start selling professionally

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Marketing Hub gives you everything you need to market, sell, and deliver our products online

Building a website or publishing a blog used to be a grind. What would normally take forever to design and develop can now be done in a single afternoon!

With PandoraX Hubs, you can…

​You own personalized landing page, which means a whole lot more conversions and sales

​Fully customizable, that anyone can use regardless of computer skills. our team will handle everything.

​A beautiful page template ready for you to plug in your content and flip the switch

Getting customers to your page is great. But keeping your customers is critical if you want real business growth.

With Pandora X CRM, you can…

​Strengthen brand relationship and track your customers’ growth in real-time

​Trigger automated funnels based on customers’ behavior

​Get a detailed insight on what your customers actually want (…which helps you sell more products!)

Email marketing to follow-up with your customers is massive when it comes to scaling your online business to the moon.

With Pandora X Email Marketing, you can…

​Easily send email broadcasts, promotions, or new offers to your audience

​Build-out and split-test email automations based on customers’ behavior

​Experience premium email deliverability support so your emails land in your customers’ inbox

Data is king. Without it, you could be creating the wrong offers for the wrong traffic, and wasting a whole bunch of time and moolah.

With Pandora X Funnels Analytics, you can…

​Get clear data on what’s working and what’s not working in your funnels, with instant reporting

​Track open rates, click-through rates, page conversion rate, average cart value, and more

​See how your students are progressing through your digital courses

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