River North, Chicago

A Luxurious Way of Living

2-6 bedroom apartments and penthouses available in the most beautiful building, located in a popular area of the city.

Minimum purchase of 1 package (4 NFTs) per wallet

The gateway to a world of unique experiences.

5000 NFTs

20% Early bird discount for Fr3nchies Blue Holders


Package value starts at $1,200 USDT (4NFT)

The problem

Co-working spaces need innovation.

The flavor that transforms your day: coffee, coworking, and cryptocurrencies.

In response to the growing population of remote workers who utilize cafes as shared workspaces, Pandora X-Coffee presents itself as the perfect solution. Unlike traditional cafes, which were not specifically designed as workspaces, Pandora X-Coffee was conceived to address this need in the remote worker community.

Pandora X-Coffee is a project developed and carried out by Pandora X INC, an innovative company. It is a commercial space that combines coworking, coffee, and cryptocurrencies, and has been initially implemented in the city of Houston, Texas. It is designed to meet the needs of remote workers and coffee enthusiasts, offering a conducive environment to work and enjoy high-quality beverages.

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Workers around the world are doing remote work, which accounts for 15% of the global workforce.

0 %

More than 40% of the US workforce regularly conducts remote work.

Work remotely
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In the city of Houston, Texas, more than 35% of the working population is dedicated to remote work.

The ideal space for freelancers and digital nomads.

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Modern, minimalist & cozy.

Invest in a workspace, technology & great coffee.

Upon entering Pandora X-Coffee, customers will be welcomed into a modern, minimalist and cozy environment that reflects a sense of spaciousness and openness. Our open-designed workspaces foster collaboration and creativity, offering common areas that promote interaction and the exchange of ideas among visitors.

Modern and

Cozy that reflects a feeling of spaciousness and openness.


Designed to encourage collaboration and creativity.

Conference Rooms

Equipped with cutting-edge technology for the most demanding.

Professional & Comfortable

The decor features modern furniture and utilizes simple, streamlined designs.

Meetings &

Perfect for larger teams and special celebrations.

Technological & Sustainable.

Disruptive and environmentally sustainable technology in blockchain.

In addition, our conference rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and provide a professional and comfortable environment for meetings and events. The decor is based on clean lines and contemporary furniture, complemented by touches of color from carefully selected plants and artwork.

The power of blockchain technology.

A highly adaptable workspace equipped with the latest technology.


Believe in Yourself

Be the Best
You Can Be

Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assasments Bespoke training program planing

Consider putting money into a decentralized project.

Unlocking opportunities in Latin America.

Schedule a free consultation with our team and let’s make things happen!

Currently, over 100 million people use cryptocurrencies with a rising trend in adoption.

Coffee shops in USA
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It is estimated that there are more than 35,000 coffee shops in the United States, providing a casual atmosphere to work and enjoy beverages.

Office services
0 %

0% of coffee shops are equipped to provide office services to their customers.

CoWorkings in the world
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A nivel mundial, se estima que existen más de 35,000 espacios de coworking, ofreciendo infraestructura adecuada para el trabajo remoto.

The location


It is designed to meet the needs of remote workers and coffee enthusiasts, providing a conducive environment to work and enjoy high-quality drinks.

The power of blockchain.

Coffee Collection

At Pandora X, we are proud to present an innovative way to finance our project Pandora X-Coffee. We believe in creativity and the potential of emerging technologies as we launch our exclusive collection of NFTs called “Coffee”, created by the talented team of our own NFT Studio.

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By selling these NFTs, we're redefining the way a project is financed.

Cada obra de arte digital de la colección “Coffee” es una expresión única que captura la esencia y el encanto de la cultura del café. Desde pinturas digitales hasta animaciones cautivadoras, cada NFT es una obra de arte digital que combina la pasión por el café con la tecnología blockchain.

Utilities of the Collection

Why invest in Pandora X Coffee?

Having an NFT from the collection not only makes you part of the project, but there are also other benefits that you will be able to enjoy.

4 nft

Jaynti Membership

Inicio de membresía


Before $1,000

40 nft

Vitalik Membership

Includes Jaynti Membership


Before $10,000

200 nft

Satoshi Membership

Includes Vitalik Membership


Before $50,000

We believe in merging creativity, technology, and business by utilizing NFT sales as a source of funding.

We are opening the doors to a new era of opportunities, allowing coffee lovers, collectors, and investors to be part of our exciting project.


We are excited about the potential that this combination of coffee, technology, and art offers.

By supporting us through the acquisition of the NFTs from the ‘Coffee’ collection, we will be one step closer to bringing our visionary coworking, café, and cryptocurrency space to life.


Join us on this unique journey where creativity, technology, and coffee come together in perfect harmony.

Together, we are creating an inspiring future where possibilities are endless. Discover the magic of Pandora X-Coffee and be a part of our story!

Our Team


CEO & Founder










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